Slimgenics: Not for Me

Thank you to those of you who were rooting me on with Slimgenics. Unfortunately, it was ultimately not a diet for me. I started with a friend of mine (who happens to be a physician). She has lost about 60 pounds! She looks fantastic. It does work. I don’t want to discourage anyone who is having success with this program!

But, for me, the pills you have to take did not agree with my body. I’m sensitive to caffeine…have even had an incident with a racing heart that landed me in intensive care about 10 years ago. So, taking pills that were heavy on caffeine  was not a good combination. It is true that Slimgenics does offer pills that do not have caffeine. However, after spending thousands on the other stuff, I wasn’t prepared to begin again with different pills and additional cash.

I think I am just not a person who likes to take pills. With Slimgenics, I was asked to take a multi-vitamin daily. (no problem). Next, there were 9 fish oil pills I was supposed to take. Now I’m up to 10 pills a day. In addition to that, I took their miracle pills that would speed up the metabolism. I think I took 6 of those a day. Then there was a carb blocker, slim assist packet…..and on and on. It was just too much for me. But, my friend is now thin and I am still struggling. So, life is all about choices I guess.

I’ve had some success with Weight Watchers. At the moment, I am regrouping and hoping I stick to something! Soon! Good luck to everyone else out there who is on the road to better health!



Slim Something

I am really having a hard time naming this blog post. I mean, do I say something like, “Here I go again?” or maybe, “Here I am, getting back on the horse.” They both sound pretty pathetic to me. Maybe I will say nothing at all and just pretend I never fell off the horse to begin with. But, in fact, I pretended I wasn’t on a diet for a couple of weeks. I always wonder what the exact moment was when I said, “Let’s forget this whole thing for now.” I’m guessing it was the whole popcorn fiasco. My mother-in-law thought she was helping and got me a bag of popcorn. That is not allowed on this diet. Then my husband got me sunflower oil to pop my own in thinking it was not bad. But, the reality is that I am clearly obsessed with popcorn. I could not eat one cup. It was more like 10 cups. And, well, once you eat that much of something, mentally, I’m off the plan so I may as well have the other stuff. The other excuse I gave myself was that I did not like all the pills associated with Slimgenics. I counted them up and thought, “Surely, nobody can expect me to take 21 supplements a day??!” I really was on mental slide worrying that I failed and wasted a ton of money joining this program. Kind of a little pity party for myself on how stupid I was. So, let’s see…we have the popcorn to blame and the pills to blame. How about if I don’t blame anything or anyone and just DO IT! If I mess up, get back on it. There is a happy twist to this. My two good boys, 7 and 10, said to me the other day, “Mom, let’s go to Slimgenics.” Okay, they later told me they were kidding and really just wanted to toss their football around the lobby, but for me at that moment, that was all I needed to hear to get myself over there and weigh-in. Can you even believe I had only gained 1 pound after being off of things that long? I was encouraged!!! Still not sure exactly what I am going to do in terms of sticking to this strictly. I have a vacation in 4 weeks. Would be nice to lose some pounds by then. Maybe I will tweak it enough so that I will stay on it. Wow, that does not sound like my head is in the game. Don’t you love these blogs. Letting my flawed thoughts come to the surface. Okay, I had pizza last night and a glass of wine. However, I still lost a pound. So, the question is, am I on Slimgenics or am I faking it? Stay tuned…

Ode to Cashews

I miss your crunch

Your salty taste

I know I grab for you in haste

I’m sad that we must part for now

You’re something my diet does not allow

But soon I’ll be healthy and in control

I’ll no longer be in that diet dark hole

Bare with me ’til I can take just a bite

I’ll leave the bag, we will make this right.

Okay, it’s quite possible that I am losing it if I just spent 3 minutes writing to a bag of cashews. But, I must say, I didn’t too great at all yesterday, but appear to be down a couple of pounds. Even had pizza for dinner. We had water damage from a storm. As water gushed into our window well, my emotional eating forced the diet out, maybe even that same window. However, I really didn’t eat that much. I ate the wrong things, but not that much of it. We’ll see how things go today. Part of me just feels like maybe Slimgentics got me to get better control of things. I’m not wild about all the pills you have to take with it. In fact, I don’t take them all. It would be like 22 pills a day. They are vitamin/herbal supplements. Still, that is too much to swallow.

My next goal is to kick in some exercise. I hope I manage to do that. That doesn’t sound very convincing, does it? I’ll put that on my list to fix as well: be serious about exercise. Check.

To Eat, or Not to Eat? That is the Question

How fast can you calculate the calories in a bowl of frozen yogurt? Okay, that’s what I thought. I’m going to guess it was in the okay range, even though it’s off the plan. After seeing Chimpanzee with the boys and their friends (loved it, by the way), they decided that a drive-by to the frozen yogurt place would set the afternoon off. After all…these are the times of our lives. We walked in and, at first, I decided to have one minuscule sample of fat-free lime. I thought, perfect choice. Doing fine. Then, I contemplated the other fat-free and sugar-free options. I saw that my skinny friend got a nice sized bowl and thought, oh, come on. These are the times of our lives! I chose the sugar-free for one dollop, and the fat-free for another dollop. In fact, I managed to have at least four dollops in the bowl. (You pour your own at this place.) I enjoyed every minute of it. Looking back, I probably could have been just as happy with half the amount but hindsight is always 20/20, isn’t it?

I really have been doing pretty well on the plan. I put my own little nuances to it. I’m thinking popcorn without butter did not bring a country down, has it? I have that when I am wanting the crunch. I make it with sunflower oil. Hoping that is a good thing. We got the idea from a bag of very light, delicious popcorn where the calorie count was only 30 per cup. Voila! A guilt-free snack is born. However, the Slimgenics counselor said that popcorn was not on the weight loss phase. Nuances abound.

I also had a glass of wine with the neighbor yesterday. Okay, one and  a half tumblers. My punishment is that I went up one instead of down. But, I am still down 7 pounds and I already feel better.

My husband is giving this a try with me. He doesn’t have much to lose, but of course, he already lost 8 pounds. I’m glad for him and feel really so happy that he joined in with me in support. Lord knows he must be reminiscing the days of a slimmer wife.

And the boys, they are excited I am on it. Nick saw me with the popcorn and said, “You went off of it, didn’t you.” Matter-of-factly in his most forlorn, disappointed voice. I put my most positive tone forward and said with all sincerity, “No, not at all. We decided popcorn was part of the plan.” So there ya have it. Judy’s version of life…maybe that’s how I will ultimately get this albatross to leave me the hell alone.

I’m On It!

Okay, so I was told by my Slimgenics counselor not to start over with the cleanse, but instead, do the Water Flush: for two days I will omit a fruit and a starch and drink 8 extra ounces of water today and 16 extra ounces of water tomorrow. That is easy enough.

So, I chugged down my supplements and I’m now drinking a really good smoothie. The counselor this morning spent a lot of time with me. No doubt, she saw that I needed it!  She clarified a few things:

  • Canned chicken and frozen chicken strips that are seasoned are not on the plan.
  • Jack’s salsa is on the plan.
  • Do not do the actual cleanse that you start the program with unless you’ve gained 10 pounds.
  • Fresca is okay to drink.
  • You should eat every 2-3 hours.
  • Have your fruit and starches by lunchtime if possible. If it’s not possible, be sure to still have them later.
  • You should not have what is considered a high protein (like beef) with a high starch (like baked potato). They are both too hard to digest.
  • Have  a high starch only twice a week.
  • You can have a thermosnack bar with another thermosnack in one day. I thought if you had the bar, you couldn’t have a second snack. She said you just can’t have 2 bars in one day.
  • Do not cook with fat! I was definitely doing this for my fajitas.

She was impressed with my new notebook..ha! And she gave me several recipes that I will add to my recipe page. Some of them sound really good. I’ll let you know. I have about 8 weeks until my trip to Ohio. I hope to lose 25 pounds by then.

Thinking skinny thoughts…one day at a time.


Tomorrow, I Re-boot: The Slimgenics Cleanse

I am getting all of my information on Slimgenics better organized today. I’m going to go by the grocery store so that I have what I need. And then, I will start the cleanse again. This phase isn’t too bad. It consists of…


  • eating unlimited protein (except for pork and processed lunch meats, etc.)
  • unlimited greens (except for peas)
  • 2 eggs any style in the morning (or egg beaters
  • 1/2 an orange in the AM and the other 1/2 in the PM
  • you can cook the meat in oil, use butter, etc…
  • and the goal is to eat as much as you can of the above mentioned foods for 3 days.
  • Drink 80 oz of water. You may also have 2 cups of coffee, unlimited tea, and 2 cans of clear diet soda.

Wish me luck!